Chi siamo

“More than 40 years in the business lived with the pleasure of innovation and a passion for technology”
Domenico Zentilin, OMCR Founder

Established in 1980 in the precision machining sector, OMCR quickly specialised in the production of standard die components for the automotive market, becoming a reference point for all the most important die manufacturers.

The lines of Die Components, Lifting Elements, Sliding Elements offer an extraordinary variety of solutions. 

In 2004 the production of Cam Units began, which led OMCR to distinguish itself as a reference partner in manufacturing, offering its customers excellent solutions.

Since 2023, it enriches and completes the product range by including Gas Springs and Wire Springs in its catalog.

But the OMCR offer is not only catalogue products: the co-engineering team is able to follow the customer in the whole production chain, from prototyping to the creation of the product line.

OMCR's orientation towards innovation is also reflected in its continuous investment in the latest technologies based on process efficiency, such as the automated supply chain and hyper-effective robotics tools.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are now the main drivers for business growth, combined with an approach to sustainability that permeates the entire life of the company: responsible supply chain practices, safety and well-being of workers are a must.

From this vision comes the idea of the new briquetting machine, a smart green solution to reduce economic impact and turn waste into a resource.